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“Hi, my name is Dennis de Kloe and I absolutely LOVE numbers. Let me tell you why…”


I started investing in property during 2001, although together with Hazel, we purchased our first property way back in 1994. Always thinking out of the box, both our first home and first investment property were bought using each other’s student loans as deposits! We quickly realised the power of leverage when our flat doubled in value in 5 years, but we had only put in 5% of the original purchase price. So controlling a large asset with minimal money invested gives very healthy returns on a cash on cash basis.

Whilst starting our investment journey and education, I noticed that some people would buy properties without doing any due diligence and only taking someone else’s word for it. This took me back to being a croupier in London’s busiest casino, as to me it felt like these people were gambling, not investing!! They could just as easily have played Roulette or Black Jack and possibly have even better results.

Having worked in the Financial Services industry since 2007, I now have an alternative view of investing related to property. After passing my CeMAP and CeFA exams, I soon realised I didn’t align with selling ISAs and pensions. I loved the idea of helping clients with their finances, but couldn’t get excited about the products I had to offer. This pushed me in a different direction and since then I’ve been formulating my take on financial planning and financial freedom.

Obviously I’m very excited about the possibilities and opportunities that exist around property. I will guide you to ensuring a solid foundation is created to start your investment journey or ensure sustainability is achieved within your existing portfolio. If you’re not quite ready to start investing, then we’ll create a plan to get you to that stage.

When you start, you’ll need different skills again to manage the portfolio, for example accounting, maintenance and tenant management to name but a few.

I will ensure that you’re equipped with the necessary skills to grow as a confident property investor.

By Dennis de Kloe BA Hons Management CeMAP CeFA

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