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“Hi, my name is Hazel de Kloe and I absolutely LOVE property! Let me tell you why…”


Thanks for taking the time to explore this website. I appreciate just how precious a resource time is. I have spent nearly twenty years learning about and taking action on building my property portfolio and it’s been an incredible journey.  Understanding what it takes to be successful in this business, it is my mission to help you save your valuable resources and make your property journey as enjoyable as possible. 🙂

From humble beginnings…

I started my property journey at the tender age of 20, and whilst my music college peers were spending their student loans on nights out and general living expenses, I worked by butt off, saved a small pot of money and used my first student loan as a deposit to buy our first home (a one-bed flat above shops in NW London).  My parents had always encouraged me to look at owning my own home as soon as possible, so I have a lot to thank them for in being supportive and giving me their input when we did.  That move paid off, and within 5 years, the value of that property had doubled and we were able to move into a house, something which was not even in the realms of possibility for most of the people we knew.

Fast forward a few years and we did exactly the same thing with our first investment property, in that we used my then-boyfriend-now-husband’s student loan to purchase our first Buy-To-Let property.  We were truly excited about the result, as it cash-flowed at £250 per month! At this point, we had ‘caught the bug’ and started to embark on educating ourselves as much as we could about property. During the course of time, we have bought, sold and held properties under a range of strategies, including Buy-to-Let, Buy-to-Sell, HMO’s (Houses of Multiple Occupation), overseas investing and land development.

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Regular Guest Article Writer for Martin & Co, One of the UK's Largest and Most Respected Letting and Estate Agencies

Regular Guest Article Writer for Martin & Co, One of the UK’s Largest and Most Respected Letting and Estate Agencies

We buy property below market value and have used creative finance and ‘Joint Venture’ finance to fund deals along the way. The net result of this now means that we are financially independent and can choose how and where we spend our time.

It was in 2007 when I was approached by one of the world’s largest wealth-education organizations to become a mentor to their clients. This I did for 4 years whilst having the opportunity to work with some amazing people. During this time, I developed my own ‘take on things’ and that’s when I made the decision to step away and start up my own business as a property mentor and coach. Since then, my remit has been to only work with people I knew I could help and this basis has led to very happy client relationships.

I founded Why Property Works in 2011 and we are now a dedicated team working with an ever-growing group of clients. We cover a range of services within the property business to help facilitate the practicalities of building your portfolio.

Having been able to build the lifestyle of choice for myself with a secure financial footing, I love nothing more than to help others’ achieve the same. Seeing the ‘light bulb moment’ happen when a person truly understands more clearly than ever why they want to invest as well as being able to give them the right tools to make it happen is what really inspires me to do what I do!

With Why Property Works, my intention is for you to be able to pick up the phone and speak to a real person who cares, not just a faceless sales organisation. You don’t have to ‘go it alone’, think of us as your ‘Property Buddy Team’ and you’ll have it just right!

by Hazel de Kloe

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