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And the first shot is fired…!

Smoking Shotgun 3


Well, it’s been an interesting week…

…since the news came out that the first ‘shot’ had been fired in court over the contentious new ‘landlord tax’ that the government announced last year.

There has certainly been a flurry of activity around ‘what happens next’ since the original announcement and this legal battle will, I’m sure, be followed closely by all those whose lives will be affected by it.  In short, the changes mean that there may ultimately be a significant reduction in cash flow for those of us who have borrowing on our Buy-to-Let properties.  I went into this in some detail last year and you can read more on  my blog in case you missed it.

So, what WILL happen next?

Who knows!!  We can only sit and wait for the court proceedings to take shape and determine the ultimate outcome.  In the meantime however, you can check progress and…

…read the full article here.

In case you’d like to know how the new tax regime will currently affect you if nothing changes, please reply to this email to request a useful document which I have put together for educational purposes to help you understand the implications as they stand so far.

This is extremely important in terms of forward planning and structuring of your portfolio.

Wishing you all the best, as always. 🙂


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