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Are You Doing This…?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re hitting your head against a brick wall? (This can literally be true when working with property! ;-))


Whichever path you are following along your property journey, there may well be times when you feel you are doing this.

Having felt like this myself at times, and witnessing some of my clients and others I meet go through this on occasions, I felt to write these words to help you to get past the pain barrier…

If ever you feel yourself doing a certain activity:

  • ‘for the sake of it’
  • because you ‘feel you should or ought to’
  • just ‘for the money’
  • because you’ve seen someone else doing it so it must be a good idea(!)

and it’s causing you any amount of pain…then STOP.

Take a minute to give yourself the time to reflect on exactly why you’re doing that activity if you are not deriving any joy or sense of satisfaction in doing it.

When all these thoughts are ‘stripped away’, notice how you really feel about the activity and see whether there is anything you can change to stop you feeling ‘stuck’, unproductive or downright miserable about it!

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there at one time or another, yet how often do we give ourselves permission to stop and take stock of what’s really going on?

In property, there can and will be times when you feel real frustration, stress or a general sense of angst, and in my experience, making decisions or performing activities when you are feeling that way can be VERY unproductive!

If what you are doing and experiencing is making you feel flat, uninspired and like you’re not getting anywhere, then the likelihood is that you are not in line with your inner purpose for your desired outcome.

If you know me at all, you know I’m all about the ‘why‘ in this business (or any business, for that matter!) I have written about this at length both in my book, ‘Why Property Works’, and also in various articles and blog posts over the years.

I also know exactly how frustrating and stressful it can be when things just aren’t going according to ‘plan’!

When you feel like you’re trying to ‘push a piece of string’, or everything seems like an uphill battle, then it means you are likely not ‘in line’ with your inner self and your inner knowing at that time. Invariably, this will lead to mixed results, maybe even no results at all!

If, however, you are doing what you love, enjoy and are passionate about, then you will experience VERY different results.

Everything will become more effortless and at ease, without stress and strain.

Along these lines, you must decide which activities you would like to be involved in with this business and which you would like to outsource, or delegate.

In simple terms…

Only do what only you CAN (and want!) to do! It will transform your business!

Here’s to more fruitful and productive property endeavours… 🙂

Feel free to leave me your thoughts, comments and experiences of this in the comments box below…here to help!

Until next time…


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