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Be The Conductor…

A drop of inspiration came to me the other day in reflection of my musical days… and I thought I’d share the idea with you. 🙂

Conductor directing symphony orchestra with performers on background, hands close-up.

Over the course of time you learn this business, one step at a time. You learn what needs doing, when. You gradually ease into what can initially be quite an overwhelming process, just like anything else you learn for the first time.

Working with property requires you to develop many ‘strings to your bow’, as it were.

However, you soon realise that building a successful property business is not all about you, it is about building your own skill set along with adding in the necessary skills which come from other, valued members of your team.

Adding all the fundamental elements and skills into the melting pot is very much like what happens when an orchestra comes together.

You have individually skilled musicians, all experts on their chosen instrument, who come together under one umbrella. This group is then ‘tuned’ and led by the conductor of the orchestra.

Now, it may seem that all the conductor does is wave his or her arms around a lot, but I can assure you it isn’t quite as simple as that!

As with all skilled craftspeople, becoming a great conductor takes time, practice and a developed set of skills.

It takes the ability to work with and understand people and all the parts they ‘play’.

It takes knowing how to get the best out of the players, when to push them and when to hold back.

Most of all, it takes care and attention to detail to get the best out of them and to create the music you love to hear.

If you can think of this analogy during course of your property endeavours, you will undoubtedly start to see how much sense it makes and how best you can ‘fine tune’ both yourself, and the team you work with, to get the best result.

This will breed mutual respect and a deeper level of understanding between you and, hopefully, many years of creating amazing music together. 🙂

So, on that ‘note’, how are your conducting skills going…?! (I know…full of them today!! 😉  )

Let me know below…

4 thoughts on “Be The Conductor…”

  1. whyproperty says:

    Indeed, there is a lot to learn Steve. Glad these snippets are continuing to help. Focus is definitely key! Far too many ‘shiny pennies’ which appear in this business, so the only way forward is to know exactly what you want to achieve, know your options and go with what works best for you. 🙂 Continue to have fun with it all!

  2. whyproperty says:

    Thanks Sharon – glad you liked the analogy. 🙂

  3. Steve morrall says:

    I am educating myself so much and there is a lot of information to take in and it falls into place most of the time .With such a lot to take in you really learn to focus on one strategy and not chase the shiny penny all the time as you can get overwhelmed .Its important to understand what to do first and pull the jigsaw together and the put the practical side into practice .This will come with mentoring .
    Definatley like conducting an orchestra and making sure all musicians(you are the only musician !) are in tune .
    All extremely interesting and makes the journey enjoyable

  4. Sharon Griffiths says:

    Absolutely in agreement…an excellent example of true partnership working

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