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Clients say


We worked closely with Hazel as part of a mentoring program and can truthfully say that she was a great source of knowledge and enthusiasm. Hazel’s guidance helped us to see the bigger picture and gave us the confidence and tools to push our property business forward to new heights. Since working with Hazel we have done a number of property deals and are currently working on a 2 flat conversion nearby. Our property portfolio is now looking healthy and the future is looking great. I would say to anyone getting started or even in this business already that “knowledge is king but choose the source of that knowledge wisely”. We did and can only offer our heartfelt thanks for Hazel’s help.

Steve and Kay Bennallack – Cornwall

I found Hazel very focused. She worked with great clarity and was able to separate what appeared to be important and what is important. She uses a holistic approach as a business mentor which I felt is the only way forward, looking at what motivates you, blocks you and moves you on. The most useful part of working with Hazel was looking at the emotional rationale behind why you are in business. Focusing on the passion within yourself and highlighting how to make that work for you as opposed to running after money for the sake of it! It’s a totally different way at looking at business; there is a plan to what Hazel does – it’s thorough and organised.

Cathi Hargaden – Windsor

I have known Hazel for over five years and during that time I have been touched by her generosity as a human being and her compassion towards others. As an international speaker I meet many people, some you have a greater impact on me than others, Hazel is one of the rare people who will stick in your heart. She has a great gift for teaching and inspiring others whilst making her message relatable and genuine. Her success in business and life and in recent years as a Mentor makes her a great messenger for success and abundance. To have Hazel as a guest speaker at my events is always an honour. Enjoy your time with her…

Dr Rohan Weerasinghe, Entrepreneur and Professional Speaker

Hazel is a perfect mentor and coach; sincere, very helpful, understanding, patient, experienced and friendly – an excellent mentor and coach. What I found most useful was that she found solutions for the problems that I had, sorting out real problems that I had, but not lecturing something general. The result of working with her has been that I’ve found a sourcing agent, an accountant, a broker and have got a mortgage in principle in place. It is a pleasure to learn and work with Hazel, because she is such a natural, honest and decent person with a lovely sense of humour.

Alex Markov – London

Hazel has great integrity and business acumen and can work on the big picture as well as process flows – which is a rare combination! One of the most important points to me was that I always felt that she cared as much about the person as she did about the results. She really tried to understand what motivated me and would continue to do so in the long run. Hazel’s common sense approach demystified the whole property world for me. She made it easier (not easy!) and fun and broke down all processes into bite-sized chunks. I am very good at amassing theory, she made me apply it! Working with Hazel is a pleasure as she brings so much energy to the table that you can’t help but feel empowered.

Karin Huettl – Milton Keynes

At the time, I was already an experienced investor, on the verge of retiring from the ‘day job’ and merely spending a couple of days per week developing our portfolio to increase its size and income. Jan and I both enjoyed working with Hazel and found that we worked well together. We found Hazel very knowledgeable on the subject of property. She brought a professional and ‘business like’ approach to the mentorship and addressed ‘mind-set’ and negotiation skills which we found to be a very important aspect. We achieved our objective for the time we spent together securing a freehold block of 3 flats at 20% BMV when ‘all monies in’, including refurbishment and the costs of purchase were taken into account as well as a yield of £375 pcm net. Hazel knew people who had used the strategy in our selected area and prior to the mentorship, she obtained contacts for us to meet. We have continued to invest in property and widen the range of strategies that we use.

Peter and Jan Nicholson – Essex

Hazel is a great listener as well as a personality to watch and learn from – mother, wife and successful property investor. She has a great attitude towards others. I discovered that I assume too much and what I needed was to put myself in the seller’s situation more. We are all different and we need to understand somebody to make a deal. I have one property so far and other one is going on at the moment but most important of all has been the great motivation to do it.

Edyta Lesiewicz – London

I have been lucky to have the opportunity to be mentored by Hazel. Hazel is a great, down to earth, friendly mentor who has an outgoing personality and is full of an unbelievable amount of positive energy which has definitely transferred over to me during the three days – I am still using her techniques and attitude to progress in building my portfolio. Since finishing the mentorship I have been able to secure my first property and am in the process of negotiating two more. I would definitely recommend Hazel as a mentor as investing in properties is not as easy as people can imagine and requires a lot of discipline, people skills, knowledge, the right mental attitude and recovering from knock backs and Hazel is perfect for guiding you through this process.

Senan Haddad – Middlesbrough

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