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Welcome To Your Property Why

What’s Your Why?


I would like to welcome you to my blog and thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say.
I have spent a long time considering what I have to offer to people and how best to be true to myself and others in this quest.  In setting up Your Property Why, I wanted to deliver a service to people which I myself would have been wholeheartedly grateful to receive when I set out on my journey of investing in property.  When we (my husband and I) began investing back in 2001, we knew very little about the property market, how to invest properly, what made a good investment, etc and so, through much trial and error, we bought our first couple of properties.  Looking back, we did rather well.  Even without ‘knowing’ too much, we went with what ‘felt’ right at the time.  Those first investments have served us well and although they were not the ‘best’ investments we could have made, they are certainly sound.
In 2004, we took some training courses with a leading property investment education company and this opened our minds even more to the possibility that through property, we could actually make enough income to actually fund our lifestyle well before we retired.  With this enthusiasm, we went out and invested much more heavily over the following years.  This proved to be a real roller-coaster of a journey with some real highs and a couple of equally low lows.  The most important lesson I have learned from these last 10 years is ‘always, without exception, listen to yourself first’.  What do I mean by this?  By this, I mean that you can listen to ideas and strategies, hear of other people successes, network and connect with people, gather information, etc, but at the end of the day, the person for whom the investment decision MUST be best for is…YOU!  These tougher, more challenging points of our portfolio growth were down to us ‘listening to others’ before ourselves’. We thought that other people knew what was best for us (in different aspects of the investing process) only because they had been in the industry so much longer, etc, etc.  There are so many people who think that just because someone else has done something, it has to be good for them.  Or, if someone else with more perceived knowledge or experience says to do something, it must be the right thing to do.  I beg to differ…

Having experienced first hand and worked with a large number of people who have been ‘influenced’ by somebody else’s opinion, ideas, life, judgement, etc, I am here to say ‘STOP!  The only person who knows what is best for you is YOU.’

The whole idea behind Your Property Why is to give the power back to people to help them make the best investment decisions for them.  Throughout my training, I teach people the tools, techniques and knowledge needed to KNOW when they’re making a great investment, without telling them which investment TO make.  I encourage people to ‘listen to their gut feeling’ about what is best for them, therefore handing back control.  I do not consider I would be a good coach and mentor if I was not helping people be true to themselves.  There are many in this industry who would so readily baffle people with numbers, promises, sell ‘the dream’, push ‘deals’ on you and you wouldn’t know what they’re really offering.  Are you really prepared to give your power to them and let them make your investment decisions for you?  Or would you rather learn the essentials, understand your true motivation and set out on the right foot, knowing that what you do from then WILL be the best thing for you to do…?

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