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How well can you ‘Cut the Cr*p’

No shit sign on white background.

Great reminder…

Recently people have been kindly reminding us that they really appreciate our no-nonsense and down-to-earth approach to property investment.

It appears we are becoming known for our ability to ‘Cut the Cr*p’ in this industry, if you’ll pardon the expression!

Why is this SO important for you to do too?

When building your property business, it is vital to have the ability to ‘sort out the wheat from the chaff’, so to speak, when choosing which people and organisations to work with.  As this is a ‘people business’, you will be dealing with many different professions, personalities, levels of experience and competence from day-to-day.  You have to be able to know when someone is leading you up the garden path, or whether they are telling you the truth.

Let’s face it, there is a lot of money involved where property is concerned.

If you are not aware of ways in which you could lose it, then you are going in with your eyes shut.

There are many other reasons why you need to be conscious of this fact and many ways to check out what somebody is saying to you.  Primarily, the most important factors are as follows:

• Don’t ever just take someone’s word for it
• Do your own research on any property ‘deal’ you are presented with
• Research whichever company or individual you are looking to work with
• Use Google searches to help you find out reviews and testimonials for people’s work
• Always view properties yourself – never ‘buy blind’
• Make sure you know what you need to know in order to make good decisions
• As a precaution, always overestimate potential costs and underestimate any values you are given

Here’s to your Property Success 🙂

Best regards,


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