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Landlord? Considering Transfer of Properties Into a Ltd Co?

What To Know About Transferring Properties From Own Name Into Limited Company

The subject of the new landlord tax changes has been a ‘hot topic’ of conversation amongst landlords ever since it’s announcement in last year’s Summer Budget.  There are various opinions around about what we, as landlords, should do now to protect our portfolios from the coming changes in tax law.

From a question I have been asked directly in the last week…

I share my thoughts with you in the following video to highlight perhaps some of the most important considerations you will have to take into account if you are thinking of transferring any property you own (as an individual/s) into a Limited Company structure.

I am not an accountant or qualified tax advisor, therefore I must caveat this ‘vlog’ to say that the information contained within is for educational purposes only.  It is designed for you to at least be able to ask the right questions of the people who look after your tax affairs.  Any decision you make MUST take into account professional advice, naturally!

Here are a couple more articles on the subject, just to fill you in further…

Article 1

Article 2

Hope it helps! 🙂

Please leave me any comments or further questions about this topic below…

2 thoughts on “Landlord? Considering Transfer of Properties Into a Ltd Co?”

  1. whyproperty says:

    You’re welcome Helen…keep your eyes peeled for more helpful tips coming soon… 🙂

  2. Helen says:

    Thanks Hazel, very useful tips. All food for thought 🙂

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