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Portfolio Builder

  • If you’re a property enthusiast who is looking to start or expand your property portfolio efforts in a BIG way…
  • If you’d like to experience better results, from less effort, by being more efficient and effective…
  • Then I’d like to invite you to work with me personally to do just that.

Introducing, The Portfolio Builder.

Perhaps you’d really like to ‘ramp up’ your property activities and start or continue to build upon your property business in a more in depth way.

You may feel that an extra surge/injection of insight and energy from a seasoned property professional will help you to take that massive leap forward you are looking for in your property endeavours.

Here’s who the Portfolio Builder is for…

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Springboard your business

You must want to fast-forward your property venture in the safest, most effective and profitable way possible.

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Would like to create great results

You must love working with property (or the idea of it) and are keen to make an amazing transformation in your property business.

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Want an experienced mentor 

Someone who can guide and nurture you along your property journey. Someone you can soundboard and sense-check your ideas and actions to mitigate the risks as much as possible. Someone who sees the things you don’t.

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Want a complete immersion

Be ready to immerse yourself into your property business and make a REAL difference to your life.

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Fulfil your potential

You know that you have great ideas around property and would love to see those ideas spring to life in a more organised, effective and profitable way.

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Simply put…

You want someone to walk with you as you build and grow your property portfolio. Someone who has achieved what you want to achieve. Someone who has ‘got your back’ along the way and ensure you make the best possible decisions.


Why Work With Me?

I’m Hazel, and I’ve been involved with property for 23 years.

From humble beginnings as a music student who took out a student loan to buy my first home, to now owning a multi-million pound property portfolio…you could say I’ve learnt a thing or two!

Back in 2001, together with my then-boyfriend-now-husband, we embarked upon our property investment journey.

Back then, the idea was just about building up a small retirement pot in the form of a owning a few properties. However, we soon realised the power and potential property could bring…

We built our property portfolio over the years with (quite literally, on occasions!) blood, sweat and tears.

We did it, and although the journey has been a rollercoaster along the way (certainly in the earlier days), I wouldn’t change a minute of it. It’s made me who I am today.

A few years after we started, and with the benefit of hindsight, we saw how our efforts could be sped up, made easier and vastly improved with a few important changes, and this is what we decided to implement.

Over subsequent years our results improved dramatically, and we now own a portfolio which affords us a lifestyle we had only dreamt of previously.

Since 2007, I have been working with others to help build their property businesses in the same way.

I love mentoring and coaching, the outcome of which speaks for itself in my clients’ results, testimonials and general feedback I receive.

Over the years, I have developed a deep understanding of exactly which steps need to be taken in order to be successful, and this translates into effective, efficient, yet profitable action.

Why work with me? This understanding, coupled with the experience I have gained from working with a wide variety of people from different backgrounds, financial positions, skill sets and levels of experience, gives me a unique and insightful way of ensuring that you work towards/get the results you seek.

I’ve created this programme as the most impactful way to help other, fellow property enthusiasts to achieve more, in a better way.

What results can you expect?

  • A better understanding of the exact steps you need to take to put your own ‘property puzzle’ together
  • A level of clarity which will assist you to break through the resistance you are currently feeling
  • An ability to create the results you seek with confidence, certainty, joy and ease (as opposed to stress and strain!)
  • A knowing that you are not alone in this process – I have your back
  • A reduction, if not an elimination, of stress around finding deals and building your business
  • A feeling of empowerment and knowing that you are ‘on track’ from understanding what you are doing on all levels
  • A sense of fulfilment and contentment as you build your own business from the ground up
  • A wealthier life (in all respects) for you and your loved ones

In short, I take you from where you are, towards where you’d like to be.

Here’s how the Portfolio Builder programme works…

The Portfolio Builder is a 12 month programme.

1.To start with, we’ll get together face-to-face for a half-day meeting to discuss your initial ideas, concerns, existing portfolio (if you have one) and put in place an initial plan of action to get you going…

2. Next follows a series of 3 x 1 hour 1:1 mentoring and coaching calls over the phone or Skype to help nurture your ideas and give you further action steps to take in doing the correct research and due diligence required to set your business and chosen strategy in motion.


3. We’ll then arrange a 2-day meeting in your chosen location so that I can give you ‘on the ground’ help and guidance. This will include visits to letting and estate agents, property viewings, cost calculations, negotiation and property team building, etc, and is a real immersion into real day-to-day portfolio operations.

4. Over the course of the remaining months, you will receive 2 half-hour calls per month so that I can help you analyse deals, be there to soundboard your developing ideas, sense check your progress and hold you accountable to the actions you will be taking.

5. To finish with, we’ll have a final half-day meeting to review what has happened during the year, set further goals to help you keep on track and celebrate your achievements to date.

6. In addition, you will have full access to my Property Success Foundation™ Training Programme and team of property professionals to help you in many aspects of your growing business.

Kindly note: There are a maximum of 5 places per year on the Portfolio Builder and the investment is £10,000.

Is it right for you?

Get in touch so we can have a chat and see…contact us at:


01303 766455

…to book in a call with Hazel

Here’s what clients say…

“I had previously bought 2 one bedroom flats in Brighton in the late 90’s which, over the years, had accumulated some equity.  A couple of years ago I decided that I wanted to invest that equity in property but, due to my lack of experience I was unable to make informed decisions as to Where, What and How.  So I set about trying to find someone who might be able to help.  Within a month of doing some research on the internet I naively handed over a couple of thousand pounds to an ‘investment company’. That’s as far as it went and I was completely ripped off.  It was a lesson learnt.

I realised that maybe this ‘Below Market Value’ property investment world wasn’t so easy after all.  Finding someone who I could trust seemed impossible.

After 9 months of searching and feeling somewhat despondent, I went to a networking event and that’s where I met Hazel.  She stood up for literally 30 seconds to introduce herself to everyone – my heart was pumping with excitement – I just KNEW she was the person to help me!  And I was absolutely right.

I bought my first property within 6 weeks of meeting Hazel and undergoing extensive, inspiring mentoring with her. The property net me c.£20,000 of added value (on a property worth a total of c.£80,000). As well as the added value, it gives me a decent monthly income due to the rent. I pulled out 95% of the money I put in and have continued to replicate the model she showed me.

To date, I have built up a portfolio which has now enabled me and my family to move abroad and live our dream lifestyle!

Hazel is a remarkable and inspirational woman. She’s extremely knowledgeable about the property world due to her extensive experience, she’s hardworking, creative in her thinking, professional, and reliable.  Not only that but Hazel is a thoroughly decent and down to earth person.  She cares  more than the usual person.

She genuinely wants to help for all the right reasons.  She has a lovely humour and positivity about her.  She has a great perspective and balance on life which is lovely to be around.  She has made this ‘journey’ possible for me and in such an enjoyable, relaxed, confident way.  I can’t recommend working with Hazel enough.”

Sarah Man | Whitstable, Kent


“We worked closely with Hazel as part of her mentoring programme and can truthfully say that she was a great source of knowledge and enthusiasm. Hazel’s guidance helped us to see the bigger picture and gave us the confidence and tools to push our property business forward to new heights.

Since working with Hazel we have done a number of property deals and are currently working on a 2 flat conversion nearby. Our property portfolio is now looking healthy and the future is looking great. I would say to anyone getting started or even in this business already that “knowledge is king but choose the source of that knowledge wisely”. We did and can only offer our heartfelt thanks for Hazel’s help.”

Steve and Kay Bennallack | Cornwall

 “At the time, I was already an experienced investor, on the verge of retiring from the ‘day job’ and merely spending a couple of days per week developing our portfolio to increase its size and income.  Jan and I both enjoyed working with Hazel and found that we worked well together.  We found Hazel very knowledgeable on the subject of property.  She brought a professional and ‘business like’ approach to the mentorship and addressed ‘mind-set’ and negotiation skills which we found to be a very important aspect.

We achieved our objective for the time we spent together securing a freehold block of 3 flats at 20% BMV when ‘all monies in’, including refurbishment and the costs of purchase were taken into account as well as a yield of £375 pcm net.  Hazel knew people who had used the strategy in our selected area and prior to the mentorship, she obtained contacts for us to meet.  We have continued to invest in property and widen the range of strategies that we use.”

Peter and Jan Nicholson | Essex

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