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The Property Circle

Multi-Ethnic Diverse Group of People In Circle

If you’d like to ramp up your property activity,

then this could be just the thing you’ve been looking for!

I’d love for you to join us, so consider this your invitation. 🙂

I want to give you the chance to build your own property portfolio in the safest, most effective and profitable way possible. I will personally help you alongside my team of leading property industry experts.

The Property Circle is a thriving community of like-minded property enthusiasts who are all at different stages of their property journey.

The platform we have created here is unique and unprecedented in this industry.  I am thrilled with the results our members are achieving, and the interaction between everyone as we help each other along the way.

Your membership will be auto-renewed at £97 per month and billed every month. You are free to cancel at any time.

As a member of The Property Circle, you will have access to...

Exclusive Membership

The Property Circle is my exclusive membership site, where you get to hang out with me and also gain access to my team of personally selected property experts.

Meet the Expert

On an occasional basis, I handpick a genuine and highly knowledgeable leading industry expert (whom I personally work with) to deliver an exclusive ‘industry insider’ presentation which will give you the edge when it comes to building your property business.

My team of experts are dedicated to delivering great advice and service to people, however, they’re a busy bunch! As a member of The Property Circle, you get access to these live 'Expert' sessions in which you can pick their brains and ask their advice. Each call is recorded and added to the library of resources in The Circle.

Here’s a selection of my team and their skills...

Darren Hek

Darren Hek – Hek Jones Solicitors

“I’m Darren Hek, a practicing solicitor for almost 15 years and co-founder and Director at Hek Jones Solicitors. We established 11 years ago with the intent of providing top quality legal advice in a personal and professional but down to earth way.

Having trained and worked at Top 50 law firms, my co-founders and I were able to set up a modern and dynamic practice mixing big firm experience with small firm flexibility. Over the last decade we have gone from strength to strength and now employ over 20 staff to service the needs of our clients over England, Wales and beyond.

Personally, I specialise in residential and commercial property and head up our Property team at Hek Jones. We deal with all manner of transactions on a daily basis, from a straightforward re-mortgage of a freehold house to multi-million housing development site acquisition and plot sales.”

Tony Balzan

Tony Balzan – One Stop Finance

“Hi, I’m Tony Balzan (Dip PFS). I have over 20 years experience in financial services, having starting work for Santander (then Abbey National) after graduating with a degree in Maths and Economics.

I am Diploma Qualified and authorised to advise on all aspects of Mortgages and Financial Planning, Investments, Pensions, Savings Plans and Protection.

Having been with One Stop Finance for over 12 years, I really enjoy helping people with their mortgage requirements, whether this is for their residential property or for investment purposes. I pride myself on giving great advice and excellent service.”

Nigel Taylor

Nigel Taylor – Not Just Tax

“I’m Nigel Taylor, a Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant and a Fellow of the Association of the Accounting Technicians, and I established Not Just Tax Limited in 2012.

I decided to launch Not Just Tax after gaining a number of years experience working both for FTSE 100 companies to those owning small businesses. From simple beginnings, when we were helping the region’s self-employed to file their tax returns, we have developed an excellent reputation for providing accountancy and insurance services and sorting out tax questions for both individual clients and businesses.

We always strive to achieve the best possible solution for each individual client, not only in terms of taxation but also on a commercial level.”

Ollie Swinburn

Oliver Swinburn – Pi-Property Insurance

“Hi, I’m Oliver Swinburn (Dip CII). After graduating from Southampton University with a degree in Economics, I started my career at Pi-Property Insurance. Pi are a multi-award winning specialist property portfolio Insurance Broker that has been established for over 25 years, providing services and products that are specifically designed for property owners and property managers.

As an Account Executive I am responsible for managing existing client relationships and assisting prospective new clients with risk advice and technical guidance.

In addition to this  I take an active involvement and regularly contribute to regional events of the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA), including the discussion of current industry issues with my fellow insurance professionals. I also write monthly articles for the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) magazine, ‘The Journal’, which goes out to CII members and insurance professionals alike across the country.”

Plus many more special guest speakers along the way too…

Property Circle Community

In addition to this, you will be added to my ‘Property Circle’ Community where you can interact with fellow members. The power of working collaboratively with each other is amazing.

This is your chance to join with a growing community of like-minded property enthusiasts who are supporting each other to build their property portfolios and live a life they love in the process.


Only in The Circle do you get live, down-to-earth guidance from me. Monthly, on the third Thursday of each month at 8pm, I run a live Q&A session within the community platform in which you can have your most burning property questions answered in order to help you move on in your business.

Online Property Course

You will also receive ‘bite-sized’ access to my highly-acclaimed Property Success Foundation™ Training Programme; my incredibly comprehensive and invaluable online mentoring and training resource, which consists of videos, audios, workbooks, spreadsheets and other invaluable documents, all laid out in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format.

The Library

Our online resource of recorded Group Coaching and Meet the Expert Calls is called The Library. This is where all of those calls are available to access in our catalogue of videos. Inside, you will find a wealth of priceless information which has been compiled since the start of this programme.

If you’d like access to the whole programme in one go, just contact us for more information and to upgrade your access.

(Click here to find out all about The Property Success Foundation™ Training Programme)

Your Complete Property Toolbox!

You won’t find a more comprehensive set of property tools anywhere else!

All accessible from the comfort of your own home, work space or place of choice.

Ready To Take Your Property Business To The Next Level?

All this for just £97 a month!

Your membership will be auto-renewed at £97 per month and billed every month. You are free to cancel at any time.

What can I expect to happen if I join?

Here are just some of the experiences current clients are describing...

time blue silver metallic chrome web circle glossy icon

Less time wasted

Learn ways to become more efficient and effective at what you do. From searches on the internet, deciding your best strategy and area to work in right through to more productive relationships, you’ll discover more ways to use less of your precious time.

head blue silver metallic chrome web circle glossy icon

More clarity, certainty & confidence

Clients often report huge leaps forward in their levels of confidence which clarity and certainty bring. Understanding what you are doing and knowing exactly what you are getting into gives you just that.

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Understand important aspects

With so many facets related to building your property portfolio, this one platform will give you all you need to know to gain a deeper understanding of the industry.

alarm blue silver metallic chrome web circle glossy icon

Avoid expensive pitfalls!

This speaks for itself! Learning from others’ mistakes is a much more cost effective way to save money than having to go through the pain barrier of this yourself! At every step of the way, we guide you to specifically avoid these costly learnings.

key blue silver metallic chrome web circle glossy icon

Develop key skills

It is no mean feat to build a successful property empire. 😉 We’ll help you see the skills you have right now and transfer them across to this business. You will then learn which other skills you need and add these ‘strings to your bow’ as you go along. Along the way, we encourage you to delegate that which you do not enjoy or are not good at!

piggy bank blue silver metallic chrome web circle glossy icon

Know how to ‘run the numbers’

The ‘bottom line’ is the main gauge of how successfully your business is operating. Learn how to calculate deals and see clearly which ones will work for you and which ones won’t. Simple.

like blue silver metallic chrome web circle glossy icon

Less stress and more fun

What’s the point of going into a business where you are not going to enjoy yourself! Our emphasis is on loving the journey and overcoming the hurdles with ease and confidence.

scissors blue silver metallic chrome web circle glossy icon

Cut the crap

Know how to cut to the chase and see through the ‘smoke and mirrors’ some opportunities present themselves with. Never again be hoodwinked, fobbed off, or made to feel inferior when it comes to working with people and making decisions in your business. Learn to swim confidently in what can sometimes be ‘shark-infested’ waters!

sun blue silver metallic chrome web circle glossy icon

More peace of mind

As you go through the steps and build your business with grace (and as little stress as possible), you will experience a deeper peace of mind, knowing that you are building a solid, stable financial base for you and your loved ones, now and well into the future.

All this for the same price as a coffee each day!

Unlock the skills and knowledge you need to build your property business to whatever level you wish.

What’s not to like?!

Come and see for yourself!

Your membership will be auto-renewed at £97 per month and billed every month. You are free to cancel at any time.

Alternatively, you may purchase FULL access to the Property Success Foundation™ Training Programme  PLUS 12 MONTHS ACCESS TO THE PROPERTY CIRCLE for a one-off payment of just £1,297 by...

Clicking Here Now...

Here's what our current members are saying...

“My wife and I had previously attended a weekend property investment course but didn’t feel confident enough we were on the right path. However, attending one of Hazel’s modules and a one-on-one coaching session changed all that!

Hazel has a unique way of communicating seemingly difficult topics in very simple terms. It’s obvious she enjoys what she does.

Leaning on her vast experience, Hazel was able to tailor the sessions to address areas we were not sure of. We took her advice, asked a few questions from a potential seller and we think what was uncovered may have just saved us from getting into a deal that could have knocked us back by 25k! Thank you so much Hazel for the timely advice.”

Femi Komolafe

“A year ago I came across property investment training for the first time but found it to be a ‘hard sales’ environment. I really liked the idea of passive income and I wanted to learn more about it but at the same time I wanted to speak with another human being.

I was looking for a successful property investor who was open for sharing knowledge and experience and would have my best interests at heart. I started to think that this would never happen, but then I found Hazel.

She suggested that I could start with her ‘Property Success Foundation Training Programme’ which I have found to be absolutely exceptional. I still can’t believe all of its content, especially when compared to the price she asked for it. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING (and I’m just half way through so far)!

This was definitely one of best investments I’ve made so far. My very first BMV deal! My wife and I are looking forward to working with you personally as well Hazel.”

Tomasz Blaszczyk

“After reading Hazel’s book I realised our values were in line, and she was the right coach for me. The one-to-one coaching is really good and the online course has all the information, tools and support you need to lay the foundations of a successful business. Slow and steady definitely wins the race.”

Richard Cooper

“After spending many hours researching property training courses and mentors online, I came across Hazel and after doing my due diligence and a great chat, I efficiently decided that she had the best attributes and experience to guide me. Hazel’s integrity, energy and friendly approach has really enabled me to build trust and therefore harvest a great relationship. She has supported me with building focus and defining a real direction on my journey in becoming financially independent.

I am currently undertaking Hazel’s online course and I have found it a fantastic learning resource from ground-up on how to accomplish success in property investing. The best type of learning is when you can place yourself in the actual situation, and this course really goes into the fundamental, actionable steps and also there are ‘homework’ modules which allows one to really immerse themselves into the real-world of property.

I would definitely encourage you to get in touch with Hazel, sound board ideas and find out what the best option would be for you!”

Luckjit Lalli

“We feel the course is extremely good value for money given the content we have received.  The course material is very thorough and the exercises are a ‘must do‘, as they are really helpful – we found out things about ourselves that were essential in helping us move forward in the right direction.  The webinar sessions are really useful as not only do we get the opportunity to ask questions during the call but also they can be sent across before the call to be answered on the session.

Additionally, it’s very helpful to hear answers to questions asked by others as although the question may not be directly relevant to us now, it may well be in the future.  The link to re-listen to the call is also sent out straight away which is very efficient service.”

Matthew and Lisa Sanders


“I am on my fifth project, all of which have been refurbish and rent. Frustratingly, I know I could do more projects and be more efficient in dealing with them if I didn’t have the ‘distraction’ of the day job.

The latest one is the biggest to date, a 4 bedroom, 3 storey, gut, refurbish and extend with a targeted end value of £450-475,000. I’ve then got to source a student let house and have it ready for September when my daughter starts at University.

Running alongside this, I’ve still got to come up with a plan for the plot alongside my end of terrace student let in Sheffield (a planning consultant’s initial thoughts indicate only marginal gains are to be had from building on it) and have got to spend some time with said consultant deciding on a long term plan for developing the 3 acres currently occupied by mine and my elderly mother’s houses.

All this in addition to the usual running around after tenants; isn’t life in property easy….

If I’ve done this with just 4 training modules completed, I dread to think what I’ll be doing by module 12!”


“I have found Hazel to be very thorough in her Property Training Course. Her work is very methodical, diligent and extensive. The Course will leave a very realistic and progressive impression needed to move forward in developing a Property business.”

David Onomivbori

“I’d just like to say I am following the ‘Why Property Works’ online mentoring programme and I find it very helpful. Hazel explains things very clearly and is concise and gives the facts so you can understand them very easily.

If you follow this program you will not go wrong. You must be committed though and follow the program and do as she says.

It works; very well done Hazel. I feel much more confident to pursue expanding my property portfolio now.”

Richard Green

“I like the way that you have presented a very systematic approach to property investments in your training videos. The workbooks and supporting materials also provide a lot of information which novice investors can easily understand about the business.”

Joanne Yeow

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