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Property Pro

How about working with me personally to build your property business, better?

We all need a little help every now and then to know we are on the right track.  Having helped over 280 people personally over the last 10 years to start and grow their property portfolio, I am regarded as one of the UK’s leading property mentors. During this time, I have always focussed on the remit ‘Your Success is My Success’ and have ONLY worked with people I know I can help.

I do not believe that property is ‘one size fits all’, hence why I have predominantly worked with clients 1:1 over the years. Everyone’s life situation is different. People come from myriad backgrounds, financial positions, levels of experience and transferable skill sets. I used the abbreviation ‘Pro’ for this programme which comes from a combination of the words ‘professional’ and ‘protégé’. This describes perfectly how I help take you from where you are, to where you’d like (and need!) to be in order to achieve the results you seek.


Why do I do this?

I thrive on and relish seeing the success my clients achieve when I work with them. Building my property business has meant so much to me and my family, and I love nothing more than helping others’ bring about the same impact in their lives too.

My clients work with me to get organised and learn how to become efficient and effective at what they do.  My coaching and mentoring enables you to ‘springboard’ your ideas forward and dive straight in to the practical rather than just the theoretical aspect of building a property portfolio.

Knowing I am 100% behind you, you will rest in the knowledge that I ‘have got your back’ and will make sure you avoid getting yourself into any deals which will get you into hot water!

Work with me to ‘hold your hand’ through the process of setting up your property business, review your current portfolio or soundboard any deals you are currently looking at.

It may be that your portfolio is already partly established and you are looking to evolve your ideas, change strategy or regain your enthusiasm, focus and momentum.

I regularly help my clients to save £1,000’s and even 10’s of £1,000’s on the deals they are working on, enabling them to build their portfolio and maximise their results. We all know that the money you make in property is made when you buy, not when you sell (or refinance) and I specialise in enabling those I work with to make the most of the resources they have.

Whatever your reason for working with me, the ultimate objective is to help you build your business, better.

As such, I work with a small number of private clients whom I help to do just that.

Places are limited (max. 15) and my availability is subject to how many people I am working with at any one time as well as how long somebody continues to work with me.

I like to see people ‘fly the nest’ as soon as possible (whilst remaining in touch for progress updates here and there, of course!) This way, I know I have done a great job, resulting in them knowing exactly what they are doing, and meaning that it opens up the opportunity to help someone else along their journey.

Here’s who Property Pro is for…

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Fed up with being confused

You must have had enough of being bombarded with hype, opinion and ‘information overload’ and want more clarity about what is possible for you.

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Start/build on your property ideas

You must love the idea of working with property to build wealth for yourself, your future and those you care about.

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Take action

You want to start taking action upon those ideas rather than kicking yourself for not having started or progressed sooner!

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What to do

You must want to know how to work effectively and efficiently so that your results start appearing sooner, and you feel like you’re really getting somewhere.

Basically, you want to stop wasting your precious time and GET ON WITH IT!

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Want 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring

You’d like to work with me and can see how working with me will help you move forward in leaps and bounds compared to trying to do it by yourself.

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Quite simply…

You’d like to build your property business, better.

Here’s how the Property Pro programme works…

  • Places are limited to a maximum of 15 private coaching clients at any time – you can be assured of my full attention.
  • One 60 minute coaching and mentoring call with me once a month – you will be able to choose from one of my available monthly slots, so you must be free at the same day and time each month.
  • Includes complimentary access to The Property Circle for as long as we work together – that’s a monthly dose of incredible property tools to help keep you on the right path.
  • Email support – if something ‘crops up’ between our monthly coaching calls, I’m here to help!
  • £297 per month for as long as you want to stay – you may want to join me for just a month to gain insights on your current situation, or you might want to stay for 6 months, 12, or longer. As your property journey unfolds, you will reap the benefits and decide how long you need or want my help. You don’t have to decide in advance.

Please note, there are only 15 spaces available each month and these sessions are very popular. To find out my availability, contact us at:


01303 766455

And/Or, how about a…

Strategy Session

In addition, or as an alternative to the Property Pro programme, I also run a ‘stand-alone’ half-day (4 hour) face-to-face meeting in which we can delve into your business ideas in more detail…

This is a popular choice for those who already have an idea about what they’d like to achieve through property and would like to springboard forward their momentum.

This powerful and in-depth 4 hour Strategy Session is for you whether you are at the beginning of your property journey or you would like to review the portfolio you have already put into place.  This tailor-made session is designed to help you get clarity around your new or evolving property ideas and help you get those ideas ‘off the ground’.

It includes:

  • Mindset and ‘why’ motivation to help you understand the drive of your business
  • Finance and how to raise it
  • Different strategy options and which may be relevant to you
  • Discussions on what it takes to build a successful property business
  • Help to develop your own property business plan
  • Action steps going forward to help you get started
  • Useful information and handouts given

Who is the Strategy Session is for…

Want a fresh perspective

You want to bring your property ideas or current property portfolio to me for review and a give fresh perspective.

How to move forward

We will work on figuring out exactly what is right for YOU and help you focus on what actually matters.

Plan of action

You must want to work on developing a clear plan of action based on what you’d like the result of your business to be.

Want to work with an experienced Property Mentor

You’d like the support, guidance and professional perspective of someone with an extensive knowledge and depth of experience in the industry. A mentor and coach whose only agenda is YOUR agenda.

Want all-important feedback

When you’re just starting to build your property business, or switching strategies, remember, ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’…I can see things you just can’t.

Quite simply…

You’d like to kick-start your developing property ideas, make the most of your resources and property potential.

I run a maximum of 2 Strategy Sessions per month and the investment is £845.

Contact us to book a Strategy Session at:


01303 766455

If you have any questions about either the Property Pro or Strategy Session, just email us at the above address to ask.

It would be great to work with you in this way, I can’t wait to help!

Here is what my clients say about working with me…

“Hazel has great integrity and business acumen and can work on the big picture as well as process flows – which is a rare combination!  One of the most important points to me was that I always felt that she cared as much about the person as she did about the results.  She really tried to understand what motivated me and would continue to do so in the long run.

Hazel’s common sense approach demystified the whole property world for me.  She made it easier (not easy!) and fun and broke down all processes into bite-sized chunks.  I am very good at amassing theory, she made me apply it!  Working with Hazel is a pleasure as she brings so much energy to the table that you can’t help but feel empowered.”
Karin Huettl | Milton Keynes

“We just wanted to get in touch to thank you for the continued help and assistance you have given both Lisa & I with both the modules and the personal mentorship, both of which have married fantastically and have been extremely useful on our property journey.

We have found that both the online mentorship programme and the personal mentorship have been invaluable and given us so many things to consider that have saved us time, effort and will prevent us from incurring extra costs by being aware of them up front.  We don’t feel that it is by accident that the modules fall in exact alignment with the actions taken by a person(s) at the beginning of their journey.  We have found that although we are having 1-2-1 calls with you, the modules go hand in hand and are a great resource for us and have helped greatly on our journey.

Having said this, that is not to negate the benefit of the individual mentorship by any means – we found the initial meeting extremely useful in order to establish our ‘why’ of property and you’ve taught us how to run the ventures as a business in order that profit is maximised (as well as much, much more).

In addition, with the 1-2-1 calls we have undertaken with you, this takes our education to the next level as with your experience, you are so easily able to identify what steps we need to take next in order to achieve our goals but also while ensuring we avoid any potential slip ups on the way.

Your process simply just MUST be followed as we’ve found it very different to some of the other approaches ‘out there’ – by following the steps you recommend, it’s almost impossible to buy a bad property (obviously however, we are not naïve enough to think that this never happens!).  The stages are so detailed for whichever strategy you are working with that you have check points at each important point that really help you drill down exactly what you need from each stage, what to look for, what to avoid and exactly what needs to be done to move forward.

We have learnt so much so far and although we had a little experience in the property field already, we learnt early on that it would be beneficial to go back to basics and build a strong educational foundation, which would undoubtedly help us throughout our property career.  We particularly like the way everything is explained so simply, even the more complex topics and how you will always find a way to vary the way you explain details until they are understood.  We also very much like how organised and ‘step by step’ everything is – you can see from quite early on how it needs to be this way.

The open forum for any questions to be answered on the monthly call is a really useful resource to have – to ‘learn from the expert’ is so beneficial and especially as the calls are recorded, which means that even those who are unavailable for any calls, can still take advantage of having their questions answered and listen to the answers of the questions asked by others.  If the question may not be relevant to you now, it most likely will be at some point so is always good to have the answer.

Overall as well, we would like to thank you for always going the extra mile for us, especially if we have just a quick question or query that appears to be acting as an obstacle preventing us from moving forward.  We are very, very happy with what we have received from you so far and are looking to be able to re-pay your teachings by not just learning but putting into practice what we have learned, make ourselves successful property investors / developers and achieve the goals that we established with you initially.  Agreeing to your mentoring was definitely the best business decision we have made J.”

Matthew and Lisa Sanders

“Hazel is a great listener as well as a personality to watch and learn from – mother, wife and successful property investor.  She has a great attitude towards others.

I discovered that I assume too much and what I needed was to put myself in the seller’s situation more.  We are all different and we need to understand somebody to make a deal.

have one property so far and other one is going on at the moment but most important of all has been the great motivation to do it.”

Edita Leshewicz | London

“I found Hazel very focused.  She worked with great clarity and was able to separate what appeared to be important and what is important. She uses a holistic approach as a business mentor which I felt is the only way forward, looking at what motivates you, blocks you and moves you on. The most useful part of working with Hazel was looking at the emotional rationale behind why you are in business.

Focusing on the passion within yourself and highlighting how to make that work for you as opposed to running after money for the sake of it!

It’s a totally different way at looking at business; there is a plan to what Hazel does – it’s thorough and organized.”

Cathi Hargaden | Windsor

“I have been lucky to have the opportunity to be mentored by Hazel.  Hazel is a great, down to earth, friendly mentor who has an outgoing personality and is full of an unbelievable amount of positive energy which has definitely transferred over to me during the time we worked together – I am still using her techniques and attitude to progress in building my portfolio.  Since working together, I have been able to secure my first property and am in the process of negotiating two more.

I would definitely recommend Hazel as a mentor as investing in properties is not as easy as people can imagine, and requires a lot of discipline, people skills, knowledge, the right mental attitude and recovering from knock backs and Hazel is perfect for guiding you through this process.”

Senan Haddad | Middlesbrough

“I just want to give a testimonial for Hazel de Kloe who helped me with some questions I had around investing in a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), in order to know how best to proceed.

Hazel came to the rescue.

We worked together for an hour and a half, where she gave me the low down on all I needed to know and more. The session was incredibly useful and worthwhile. It has saved me countless hours of research that I would have otherwise had to do, and probably saved me from a number of mistakes I might have otherwise had to make to achieve the level of wisdom one needs to navigate this sort of property investment.

I’m really grateful to Hazel, and highly recommend her as a property mentor.”

Shireen Smith | London

“Hazel is a perfect mentor and coach; sincere, very helpful, understanding, patient, experienced and friendly – an excellent mentor and coach. What I found most useful was that she found solutions for the problems that I had, sorting out real problems that I had, but not lecturing something general.

The result of working with her has been that I’ve found a sourcing agent, an accountant, a broker and have got a mortgage in principle in place.  It is a pleasure to learn and work with Hazel, because she is such a natural, honest and decent person with a lovely sense of humour.”

Alex Markov | London

“Hazel – Just to say how much I have enjoyed working with you over the last few months.

I had just ended a nine year relationship and changed a career of twenty years within the three months before we started and during the coaching I moved house,  so there was a huge amount going on for me. What I found with our sessions was that you kept me focused on my goals and prevented me from being distracted. You gave me practical applications which worked well; changing limiting beliefs is a prime example.

You were very empathetic to my situation and you knew exactly when I was pushing too hard and actually preventing things from moving forward. Even during our coaching time there were many changes in direction in relation to my goal but you supported me through the whole journey.

I can honestly say if I hadn’t taken up the coaching plan I wouldn’t be in the position I am now, which is ready to launch my business.

Many thanks and I look forward to keeping in touch and letting you know my updates.”

Julie Walsh | JWC Consulting | Essex

“Anyone meeting Hazel would be struck by her genuine nature, she’s the opposite of a ‘hard-sell’ person promising you the earth, and that’s what appealed to both me and my wife.

We had some previous experience of property investment, but Hazel showed us how to take this forward in a much more structured and potentially rewarding way, irrespective of market conditions.  Her clarity and focus on what our objectives were, was very helpful.

I would certainly recommend anyone who is serious about property investment to talk to her first.”

TM | London

“Hazel has been an inspiration to us and we would recommend you to  spend some of your time to potentially make real changes to your life.

We found our sessions exciting, fun and we always felt uplifted during and after our sessions. Hazel cares about her clients and it shows in her listening and questioning. She helped us to see our life more clearly, how to be more proactive in our life and how to achieve our goals.

Her passion is working with people to realise their dreams, she is so positive, down to earth, very kind, friendly and warm person. We are truly grateful to her.”

Kristina and Miro Chrapka | London

“My name is Marisa and together with my boyfriend we have been researching and “studying” about property investment at least for the last 6 months. Once we decided that we wanted to know more and be serious about it, we signed up for a coaching programme from a company based in the States where we had 30 mins sessions every week for 2 months. However this was a great start and we learnt a whole philosophy, the coach was never available to review our homework, the customer service line was always busy and having a coach that wasn’t an expert in the UK market really has held us back from making a decision about our first purchase.

I met Hazel through a friend that I did in the mentioned course. As soon as I contacted Hazel, she replied straight away and was very accommodating to have our initial free 30 minute conversation over Skype. We ran through our whole story and we decided that it would really help us make a decision to have a 3 hour session.

I don’t have words or can’t explain how much value, knowledge, experience and sense Hazel brought to our game. Hazel came to the session well prepared with articles and meaningful reading for us, she had her own structure but first of all, we’ve reviewed all our questions and concerns together, this way she ensured that she used our time wisely to cover everything.

Hazel asked many questions, read through all our preparation, analysed our options (even with the calculator) and guided us through the best way going forward for us. Before the session, we were still very unclear about our decision but after the session we were clear and secure about it. She helped us so much that I can’t even describe it.

I also felt that Hazel shared all her knowledge with us, from the small details (how much changing a carpet would cost) to the bigger picture and 5-10 year scenario.

I strongly and genuinely recommend Hazel, she has given us the confidence and the boost we needed in this very first step. Thanks a million Hazel.”

 Marisa Zappatore | London

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