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So, I’m About To Have The Experience Of Being…

Homeless woman sleeping on the street


Yes, you read that right.

In just over 2 weeks’ time, I’m going to spend the night sleeping rough in support of the work of a phenomenal homeless charity at the CEO Sleepout event in London.

“Are you crazy?!”, I hear you ask! Yes, I probably am…

…however, having stopped and spoken to various homeless people over the years and getting to understand the reasons why they have ended up where they are, it just makes me appreciate the life I have, the lovely home I live in and the comfortable bed I have to sleep in that much more…particularly at this time of the year, when the cold and wet are closing in.

With the business we are in,

we know just what it means for someone to have a safe, warm place to call home, and we have been fortunate enough to be in a position to provide that for a decent number of people over the years.

Now, I have never done anything like this before (other than to donate to causes like this) and I certainly havent’t ever asked anyone else to dive into their pockets to support a cause I care about and am going through a night of discomfort, cold and (probably) wet for!

However, on this occasion, I’d like to ask for your support…

If you have enjoyed, benefitted from or found interesting any of the articles, blogs, courses, personal help I have given over the course of  time from being part of my audience, then I would massively appreciate your help.

I have already raised £585 and would love to hit the £1,000 mark (if not more) before the event takes place.

So…if you feel to read more about why I’m doing this, and would like to support those, who, on our own streets, are struggling and need help, then any amount you feel to give would be gratefully received (HUGE thanks to those of you who have already have).

Hop across here to know more and donate.

I’ll even update you about how I get on with piccies of me in my army surplus sleeping bag and cardboard sheet!

Thanks for reading and, if you  can, your help on this. 🙂

Here’s to warm beds!!



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