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Sourcing agents…some little known facts

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I’m always fascinated to hear…

…that so few people know of the changes to how property ‘Sourcing Agents’, (AKA Buying Agents) should now be operating.  Considering that the changes have been around now for nearly two years, I have discovered that many are still unaware, for example, that these agents are now more heavily regulated and should be operating within new professional parameters, and for good reason!

By that token, I thought it was high time to keep you informed.

Whether you are considering working with an agent in this way, or are currently active in this manner, you may be interested to read my full article which is available by hopping on over to here.

As always, it’s ‘Buyer Beware’!

By being up-to-date with these industry insights, you can avoid being ‘taken advantage of’ by less scrupulous people or companies who would otherwise exploit the less well-informed.  Or perhaps, if they don’t keep abreast of the changes themselves, they may not even be aware that they need to change…which is even more of a concern!

In any case, there are circumstances which occur where people do have to or want to use the services of a third party, so at least you now know what to look out for. 🙂

To your property success!


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  1. whyproperty says:

    What have your experiences of working with Sourcing Agents been?

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