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Property Success Foundation™ Training Programme

Welcome and thanks for your interest in the Property Success Foundation™ Training Programme delivered to you via…

The Property Circle

Please find below the contents of the Programme and a guide to what will be covered during the course of its delivery.

As a member of The Property Circle, you will have bite-sized access to the Property Success Foundation™ Training Programme. The programme consists of 12 Modules, the first of which is accessible in the first month of membership.  Subsequent modules will be rolled out 2 video lessons at a time on at the exact time and date of your registration to The Property Circle each month on an ongoing basis.  You can see more details below.

You will have access to this training programme online for as long as you are a member of The Property Circle. In addition, you get to keep the documents and MP3’s you choose to download, so in fact, you’ll have all the info to hand for your own personal use even past this time. 🙂

At any point, you also have the option to ‘upgrade’ your membership to include full access of the Property Success Foundation™ Training Programme. Just ask us for more details. 🙂

For more information and to find out how to upgrade your subscription, feel free to contact us at:


or call…     01303 766455

Contents includes…

Property Success Foundation™ Training Programme (12 Modules)

Module 1 – Setting up For Success

1.    The Why Factor

2.    A Holistic View

3.    Putting Your Finances in Order

4.    Goals and Planning

Module 2 – Choosing Your Strategy and Structuring Your Business

1.    Overview of Strategy Options

2.    More Advanced Strategy Options

3.    Choosing Your Strategy

4.    Structuring Your Business and Exit Strategies


Module 3 – Research and Due Diligence

 1.    Where to Start

2.    The Law of Supply and Demand

3.    The Research and Due Diligence Process

4.    Property Calculations


Module 4 – Sourcing Properties

1.    Different Routes to Market

2.    Building Relationships with Agents

3.    Putting Together Your Property Team

4.    Building Your Funnel


Module 5 – Viewing and Assessing Properties

1.    How to View a Property

2.    Assessing the Potential

3.    Refurbishment Costs

4.    Budgeting and Advanced Calculations


Module 6 – Making Offers and Closing the Deal

 1.    Keeping Track of Properties Wanted

2.    Making Offers

3.    Negotiation Skills

4.    Confidently Closing the Deal


Module 7 – The Buying Process

1.    Order of Events

2.    The Legal Process

3.    Being Efficient and Prepared

4.    Regulatory and Compliance Considerations


Module 8 – Refurbishment and Reconfiguration

1.    Managing Refurbishments and Reconfiguration

2.    Project Management vs Head Contractor

3.    Working with Builders

4.    Getting a Project in on Time and Budget


Module 9 – Exit Strategies

1.    Implementing Your Exit Strategy

2.    The Refinancing Process

3.    The Selling Process

4.    Longer-term Exit Strategies


Module 10 – Letting Properties

1.    Self Let and Manager vs Letting Agent

2.    Ongoing Maintenance Programme

3.    Landlord and Tenant Law

4.    Keeping up with Compliance and Regulation


Module 11 – Administration and Accounts

1.    Record Keeping

2.    Systemising Your business

3.    The Property POT™

4.    Tax and Accounts


Module 12 – Building Your Portfolio

1.    Having a Long-Term View

2.    Goals, Planning, Action and Review (Feedback)

3.    Stress-Testing Your Properties

4.    Next Steps


The Property Success Foundation™ Training Programme includes:

12 Modules (see above for Contents), each consisting of:

4 – 10 x Training Videos

4 – 10 x MP3 Recordings

1 x Module Workbook

                                                          Total Value:        £5,000

In addition, you will also receive various invaluable documents which will be released throughout the course of the programme as and when that topic is reached.

Documents and Spreadsheets included during the programme:

Personal Financial Spreadsheet Value: £97
Property Business Plan Value: £97
Research and Due Diligence Value: £97
Property Viewing Record Value: £97
Buy-to-Let Deal Analyser Value: £147
Buy-to-Sell Deal Analyser Value: £147
Area Analysis & Research Spreadsheet Value: £297
Property POT™ Value: £397

Plus much more…

Total of Additional supporting Documents and Spreadsheets

                                                          Total Value:        £1,376

      Total Value of Complete Programme:       £6,376



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