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Understanding The Homeless Crisis

Yes, I managed to get through the night…

CEO 7 …albeit very chilly and pretty uncomfortable. Still, I can’t complain as I had a very comfy and warm bed to go back to the next night!

I am grateful every single day for what I have…

For those of you who don’t know, I slept rough for the night on Monday 30th October 2017 in support of the CEO Sleepout and the Church Housing Trust at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London.

CEO 10 Ruth Uwimana – the wonderful lady I have been helping to raise all this money for at the Church Housing Trust. They really do a stirling job.

CEO 2 Together with around 80 business people from in and around London – a real sense of comradery.

It was a truly humbling experience. I really don’t know how people do this night after night. Around 250,000 people are homeless just in England, let alone the rest of the UK.

CEO 11 I have massive admiration for John, an 89 year old local resident who came armed with just bubble plastic and plenty of spirit to fight for the cause too…just incredible!

Whilst there, I was in awe of all the inspiring stories about how the charities involved are helping people in the real world with the funding they are giving. THEY are the true heroes…and why I wanted to help them.

It was really interesting to find out that I wasn’t alone in hearing that homelessness is a difficult cause to raise money for, which is very sad, really.

Many people believe that people who are on the streets just want money for alcohol and drugs (which, after my very brief encounter, I can understand completely). In actual fact, the charities were saying that you really shouldn’t give money to homeless people as it just perpetuates them being on the street. Food, drinks, warm clothing and, funnily enough, rucksacks or bags are far more beneficial items to give.

Also just talking to them and making them feel like a human being and that someone cares can make a big difference to their day. It is far more beneficial to encourage them to seek help and point them in the direction of their local homeless charity to get help and support. Those who want it, will, and those who don’t, will choose not to.

CEO 6 My bed for the night!

I learnt that sometimes, when a person’s circumstances change,

in the blink of an eye, they spiral headlong into a series of events which result in homelessness.  Whether it is through losing their job, family break up, abuse, death of a loved one or any other unimaginable event, none of us realise just how easy it can be for the worst to happen. This is particularly so for those without a good support network and mental health challenges, etc.

The incredible stories of how people have now got back on their feet and are living life to the full, and helping others themselves as a result of their experience, are truly remarkable, and they only happen as a result of support for charities such as the ones represented at the CEO Sleepout.

I’m not sure how long this will stay ‘live’, but here is the link to the donation page where you can read all about why I wanted to help in the first place, and also a chance for you to donate what you can.

In any case, I wanted to thank those of you who have already donated to this event and life-changing cause once again for making a real difference in the lives of people you will never meet, but whom may be eternally grateful.

Thank you for reading. 🙂

All the best,


CEO 1 In the ‘Long Room’ at Lord’s where the teams parade onto the grounds before a match…

CEO 3 One of my CEO ‘buddies’ who had just been given this emergency sleeping bag cover by one of her clients to help keep her warm…it went down to just 6 degrees and we were in the open!

CEO 4 Pretty stunning venue…and also pretty bright to ‘sleep’ under!

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  1. Steve morrall says:

    Well done Hazel !

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