Why Property Works: Unlocks The Secrets of Successful Property Investing by Hazel de Kloe

"Whether you are thinking about becoming involved in property, have just started out, or already have a portfolio you wish to expand then this book is for you.
There's a lot of (often bad) advice out there, so if you want a unique, genuine and no-nonsense approach, this is a MUST HAVE read"

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Rajesh Mistry  London

"This book will blow your mind. If you think you know everything there is to property investing, then think again. This book left me left jaw dropping, mouth gaping and wide eyed. Forget everything you know about property investing, this book will change your perception and mind set; I can honestly say I have never read a book like this, property or not.

Hazel’s unique writing style and no nonsense approach is a breath of fresh air. She will demystify and decipher all the cr*p that’s out there. If you are considering investing in property or are already doing so, you have to read this book, I urge you."

In the Book, You Will Discover:

How to Decide...

...if the property business is right for you, understand WHY you want to get involved and learn how to deal with what may be stopping you.

Starting and growing a property business is an activity NOT to be taken lightly.  With so many factors which now have to be taken into consideration, why risk your chances of success?

Why You Should...

  • Take the​ RIGHT approach to making money from property (and how to avoid the wrong one at all costs!)
  • NOT listen to everything the property 'gurus' tell you!
  • Learn to make decisions which will save (or make!) you thousands​

Why Leave Your Results to Chance?

Why Property Works sets out a tried-and-tested blueprint to plan your path to property success.  You can avoid the pitfalls, learn to make clear, certain and confident decisions and create a sound and profitable property portfolio following a strategy which is right for YOU.

Be Warned!

This book is NOT for you if you want a 'get rich scheme'.  It is written for you in a no-nonsense style, to cut through the glut of industry hype and and guru 'advice'.  It's for you if you want to make safe, sound and solid profit from property.

Property Coach

About the Author: Hazel de Kloe

Hazel de Kloe is a leading UK Property Coach and Mentor; well-respected in the property industry. Through her bespoke coaching and mentoring business, Why Property Works, she works with you to help you align with your property goals and actually achieve the results you seek through courses and individual mentoring.

Hazel started investing in property back in 2001. Since this time, (and having transitioned from a career as a professionally trained, classical musician and music teacher) she has built up a sustainable and profitable portfolio which consists mainly of BTL and HMO properties, and still continues to build her business to this day.

Since 2007, Hazel has worked with well over 200 personal clients, many of whom are now very successful property professionals in their own right as a result of working with her. Hazel’s extensive knowledge of the property business coupled with her proven track record of success with clients is a great recipe for your success.

What People Are Saying

Derek Robinson Ipswich

“An essential part of your property education and training that looks at the personal aspect of property investment rather than just the mechanics, which are different with every deal.  

Something you could refer to time and time again.”

John Coupland London

“If you're looking for a down-to-earth and honest book about property investment, then here it is!

The author shares the potential successes and challenges of investing in property by proving a candid  outline of her own experiences.

She oulines, without jargon, what approaches may be taken, including many useful tips and strategies."

Sarah ManKent

“What I found really refreshing about Hazel's book is that she tells the reader the truth.  Most books on the subject hype property investment up making out that it is easy and that everyone should do it.

Hazel's book gives an honest and concise insight into property investment .  She gives sound advice and tangible case studies.

Why Property Works is a must-read for anyone venturing out into the unpredictable world of property invesment.”

Daniel PriestleyLondon

“Hazel has put together a great book that gives people a deeper understanding on why property is the powerhouse behind most people's wealth.

I'm self-employed and I especially found the book motivational. ”

A Complete Guide to Starting and Building a Profitable Property Business

I am on a personal mission...

...to help property people like you make a sustainable success of this business.  This book will get you on your way and keep you on track.

Remember, I can't hold this price offer forever.  

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To your property success!


Why Wait? Get the book now!

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